Hello from London!


Remember when I said that I’m now living life to the fullest? Well, when my husband told me a few weeks ago that he had an international work trip coming up, I said – why don’t we fly out early and spend a long weekend in London before you head to Europe? He said OK, booked my flight with miles, and here I am!

The funny part? He’s not here yet!!

He was supposed to fly out on my flight but because of a work issue at home, he’s on a later flight and will join me tomorrow. Am I annoyed that I’m here by myself in London for 28 hours? Not at all! In fact, I am excited!

I used to be scared to travel alone. I’m an awful flyer with a history of panic attacks, and I’m admittedly terrible at figuring out public transportation. However, I have a new outlook and am looking at this as an adventure! I’ve got maps on hand, exchanged dollars for pounds at the airport before I left Boston, and wrote down a list of all the shopping markets I want to hit before the husband joins me and slows down my spending. 😉

Steven is laughing at my “preparedness”, but the last time I arrived in London on my own, I spent 2 hours circling Heathrow airport on the terminal train…the entire time I thought I was on my way to Paddington Station in the city. (Told you I’m bad with public transit).

I’m also thinking back on that last time I was here in London….it was about 2 weeks before my grand mal seizure/brain surgery/cancer diagnosis. It was the last vacation I had pre-diagnosis, and it’s funny because I’m carrying so much more baggage this time around. (Figuratively and literally – I’ve got about 5 pill bottles with me).

I’m excited to explore this city by myself for a bit (in safe areas, of course). My plans before my husband arrives are to:

  • Shop at the local markets (only buying things I can’t find at home!)
  • Hit up the Burberry Factory Store
  • See the Changing of the Guards at Buckingham Palace
  • Find an amazing cup of tea
  • Steal the hotel closet space before he has the chance

It’s funny how much this diagnosis has changed me. I don’t think I EVER would have been so excited to explore a new city alone (I’ve only been here once before, for a few days) before this cancer diagnosis. I could barely fly alone. Now, I have this new mentality that nothing can be harder than what I’ve already gone through, so I can tackle new things on my own!

(Admittedly, London is a very safe, English-speaking city, but still!! New outlook on life!)



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