Let me introduce myself…

I just realized that as more people visit my blog, it’s not just friends and family reading, so I should probably tell you all a little about myself. (Cancer not included!!)

We’ll start with the basics. I’m 30 years old and live in a beautiful suburb about 8 miles north of Boston. I grew up in a small town right outside of Portsmouth, NH (which is an amazing little city, especially in the summer!) where I lived with my parents and two brothers (I’m the middle child). We all went to a small school in Maine, Berwick Academy, which was an amazing place and we were so lucky to attend.


Berwick’s Campus

I was a varsity athlete, playing ice hockey, lacrosse and golf (technically, I got onto the golf team because there weren’t enough players…I’m actually awful at golf…but I still like to tell people I was on the varsity team). I loved New England, but when it came time for college, I was ready to try somewhere new, and really wanted nice weather. I couldn’t convince my parents to let me apply to schools in Hawaii (how amazing would that have been?!) but I did convince them to let me go to California, so I chose the University of San Diego.

At USD, I studied business administration, played on the lacrosse team, rented an awesome beach house, met some amazing lifelong friends, and most importantly – met my husband, Steven – who I dragged back to New England with me after graduation. 🙂

We lived in Boston for awhile, then Steven’s job brought us out to Denver for a year, and then we moved back to the Boston area and bought a home. (I am never moving again! Our home now is perfect!)


Right now, as I’m on long term disability, I’m spending a TON of time in the gym trying to get back in shape (recovering from brain surgery followed by 8 months of chemo/radiation/bed rest really takes a toll on ya) as I train for the Disney Princess Half Marathon in February. I’m also working on lots of fundraising projects to raise money for Mass General’s Proton Radiation Center & Pappas Center for Neurooncology.


Gross, sweaty me after a training session!


One of my paintings in progress


Some of my other passions and hobbies include: anything Disney, my 3 year old boxer dog (named Mickey!), spending time with my family & friends, shopping, painting, reading, drinking wine, traveling, interior decorating, spending time at Lake Winnipesaukee, shopping (yes I realize I’ve written that twice), Game of Thrones, and karaoke (but only after a few glasses of wine). Oh, and COFFEE!!!

I hope that helps shed some light on who I am and things I care about. I’m working on a more serious post now, but wanted to put this one out there as I realized a lot of you might not know me. 🙂




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